Major Batman Villain Is The Mastermind of DC’s Zombie Suicide Squad

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One major Batman villain is revealed to be the mastermind of DC’s zombie Suicide Squad. Since the release of Task Force Z comic series last year, a lot of fans have been wondering who the mysterious mastermind of Task Force Z, "Director Crispin" really is. That question has been answered with the release of Task Force Z issue #3. Red Hood (Jason Todd) has been riding a sharp fence when it comes to working with Task Force Z - both in terms of the company he’s with (Bane) and the fact that all of the people in his squad are actual zombies and have almost eaten him alive. Jason uses his Batman skills to turn the tables against his mysterious boss, and what he finds is Two-Face running Task Force Z!

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All throughout the issue, Jason Todd is struggling with the moral quandary of working with evil (and dead) teammates like Bane, who killed Alfred Pennyworth in the infamous story arc of Batman "City of Bane." However, Crispin seems to have a plan of keeping Task Force Z on the leash: if they stray too far, they don’t get any of the precious "Lazarus Resin” that restores their dead bodies to life - the more of this resin they get, the more “alive” they are. Unlike the constant threat of death of Task Force X, Task Force Z’s promise of life is an inescapable trap. …Or so that’s what Crispin thinks.


The latest mission of Task Force Z to stop a Kobra Cult heist nearly went as disastrously as what happened before, when Cheshire shows up. The entire Task Force Z team was poisoned by the master assassin and nearly takes them out; however, Red Hood was able to put aside his grudge with Bane enough for the two of them to take Cheshire down as a team. During this victory, Jason finally makes his move: he throws Bane off a skyscraper and disappears from his handler’s view in the way that only a Batman family member can.

By the time Crispin realizes that Red Hood is gone, Jason shows up in the shadows of his office to confirm that the one running the show was Harvey Dent/Two-Face!

Task Force Z is now available on DC Comics.

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