Main Cast Shines in New Poster for Sony’s Venom

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man is already a hit, but that hasn't stopped Sony from trying to build on their own cinematic universe. Venom is set to come out early next month, and a new poster features more principal cast members Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams.

Check it out:

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Source: Sony Pictures


We already know that Tom Hardy is playing the lead Eddie Brock, but let's look into the other characters that are in the poster. Michelle Williams is playing Anne Weying, who is the love interest of Brock. In the comics, Weying actually becomes She-Venom, but it's likely that Sony will be saving that character for a possible sequel. Ahmed will be playing the role of the main villain Carlton Drake, the leader of the Life Foundation; we know from the trailers that he gets a symbiote of his own, but as of now, we don't know what identity he's going to assume.

It's also worth noting that Woody Harrelson has also been cast in Venom, but no one knows the identity of his character yet. The most popular guess is that Harrelson is playing serial killer Celtus Kasady, who comic fans will know as Carnage. Again, this hasn't been officially confirmed, but with an actor as famous as Harrelson is cast, you know that he's going to be playing someone important.

Then again, I could be totally wrong.

So far, audience reception for Venom has been a tad mixed, but I guess we'll just have to wait for the movie to come out to see the final verdict on Venom. If anything, I think no one will have a problem as long as it's connected to Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Venom is set to come out Oct. 5.

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