Magic: The Gathering World Champion PVDDR Shares Life Update Due to Coronavirus Situation

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Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (PVDDR), the Brazilian Magic: The Gathering professional player who won this year's Magic World Championship, has recently shared an update about his life due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation.

On his Twitter, PVDDR tweeted a video clip of himself revealing that his wife was tested positive for Coronavirus, but he said that "she's completely okay". The MTG World Champion also said that it likely means that he also caught the Coronavirus too, but he said that he's had no symptoms and that they're "both completely fine". He went on to say that he's been spending time during quarantine doing things he likes to do such as watch movies/TV shows, reading books, playing games, and coaching.

Watch the video clip below:

It's sad to hear that PVDDR's wife caught the virus, but I'm glad that it's not giving them a hard time, and that the Magic World Champion sounds is being optimistic despite the global pandemic.


Here's my response to PVDDR on Twitter:

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