22 Apr 2020 11:50 AM +00:00 UTC

'Magic: The Gathering' Workers Union Gets Support From Bernie Sanders

More than 100 workers at TCGPlayer, a major reseller of Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are organizing to form a union at one of the nation's largest collectible card game storefronts, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is endorsing them.

The TCG workers are trying to organize a union to address concerns about their healthcare and working conditions.

"We were promised a company that truly cared about its workers, offering great benefits and a supportive, nurturing community," the union's organizers wrote in a letter they shared online."As the company has grown and evolved, workers in the Fulfillment Center have experienced much of this promise erode."

After reporter Matthew Gault reported about the union efforts in an article published on Motherboard, Sanders expressed his support on Twitter.


"I support @seiu200united and TCGPlayer warehouse workers work to organize a union," the former Democratic candidate hopeful said. "Now more than ever, workers need a union contract to protect their wages, benefits, and safety on the job."

It didn't take long for TCGplayer union organizers to respond to the Vermont Sen.


"Thank you for showing support! We believe like you, all workers deserve a voice on the job and the security of a contract. Solidarity forever!" the union's Twitter account said.

Twitter users are amused to see the crossover between Magic: The Gathering and politics, Two users, @UncleItsEvan and @AltersAl teamed-up to design a Magic card inspired by Sen. Sanders.


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