ELEAGUE Showdown Brings Back Magic: The Gathering Arena

The second ELEAGUE Showdown is set to begin on April 22, and it's bringing back Magic: The Gathering Arena to its esports spotlight as it features MTG's top pros and streamers.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast and ELEAGUE have partnered up again for the second season of the MTGA Showdown, which is set to air on Wednesdays from April 22 to May 27, on its Twitch channel with a stellar casting crew and a unique format.

The coverage team includes Alias V, Marshall Sutcliffe, and Riley Knight on the desk with play-by-play analysis from Corey Baumeister and Cedric Phillips. The MTG Arena Showdown coverage begins at 5pm CT via the ELEAGUE Twitch channel.

Unlike most major Magic: The Gathering tournaments that use the sideboard in the format, the MTG Arena Showdown's format of the competition is best-of-one Standard Constructed, without a sideboard, challenging competitors to build a viable best-of-one Standard deck.

Last season, Magic Hall of Famer Seth Manfield had a great run, and according to Esports Charts, it contributed to a peak viewership of 10,000 viewers.

Season 2 of the MTG Arena Showdown begins on April 22 at 5pm CT.

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