Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters Was Going To Be A Graveyard-Themed Set and Here's The Proof

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Wizards of the Coast

Ultimate Masters, the latest and "last for a while" Magic: The Gathering masters set, will finally be available this Friday. The compilation set is loaded with a lot of Modern staples like Tarmogoyf, Bitterblossom, Noble Hierarch, and a bunch more; plus, there will be special full-art boxtoppers that will be worth a lot of money. But did you know that Ultimate Masters was originally going to be a graveyard-themed set?

Back in February, Wizards of the Coast Senior Designer Gavin Verhey announced that masters sets moving forward will be more focused on themes.

The UMA "Graveyard Masters" conspiracy

Redditor thatlegendsguy shared a screenshot of an Ultimate Masters packaging showing the description of the set:

Fun fact- uma is listed on the box as being graveyard themed.

"Every game of Magic is different, but one thing never changes: the thrill of casting a devastating spell at the perfect moment," the UltimateMasters product description reads. "Throughout the history of Magic, many of these spells have drawn their power from the graveyard. Ultimate Masters celebrates that legacy by bringing together some of the most potent graveyard-themed cards and mechanics ever printed. Master the power of life and death as you draft your way to immortality."

Apparently, the symbol for Ultimate Masters is meant to depict two skulls to represent its graveyard-themed focus.

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Since Wizards of the Coast decided this to be the last masters set "for a while", it's likely that they shifted the focus for Ultimate Masters just recently before it was announced.


Would you like to see a graveyard-themed Magic masters set?

Ultimate Masters is set to release on December 7. MSRP price is $335.76 per box (only available in local game stores) and $34.99 per 3-pack blisterpack. It will only be available in English and Japanese.

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