Magic: The Gathering Food Tokens From Throne of Eldraine Have A Good Chance of Becoming Deciduous

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Throne of Eldraine, the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion, just introduced a new mechanic called Food, and the Artifact tokens are similar to how Clue and Treasure tokens work since they can all be sacrificed to trigger an effect, so when a fan asked Magic head designer Mark Rosewater if there's a chance that Food tokens will be joining Treasure as a deciduous (a mechanic not just exclusive to a particular set or plane), Rosewater responded on his Blogatog, saying that the chances are "not bad".

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

On a separate post, Rosewater said that Food has a better chance of becoming deciduous than Clue tokens because "It's more resonant and a smaller effect."


It's good to know that there's a good chance for Food tokens to become deciduous. I thought it's one of the most fun mechanics introduced recently, and I always end up drafting Green/Black Food decks on Magic Arena as shown in the video below. Food is also the reason why Throne of Eldraine Limited formats are slower compared to most previous MTG sets because they allow players to gain more life throughout the games.

Do you think making Food tokens deciduous is a fantastic idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

Throne of Eldraine is now available on tabletop, Magic Arena, and Magic Online.

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