Magic: The Gathering Ranked as The Most Popular Game Sold on eBay

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Wizards of the Coast's popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering has been ranked as the number one most popular game sold on eBay, at a selling rate of one item per minute, and because of this, eBay has teamed-up with ABUGames, a popular website for grading and selling single Magic cards, to auction off cards from the earliest sets in the game's history.

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Credit: Christopher Rush- Wizards of the Coast

Ebay and ABUGames' auction series will begin on May 12 at 11PM Eastern Time (8PM PT), and will feature Magic cards from a variety of historic sets such as the original core sets, Arabian Nights, The Dark, and Legends. The condition of the cards are graded with the Beckett Grading System (BGS), so buyers will have the condifdence to bid for these cards.

The online retailer is also providing ways for players to preorder cards from the latest set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, which is already available digitally on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online. If you're looking forward to buy Ikoria Collector Booster Boxes, eBay will be selling them for roughly $200 starting May 11. This is a great deal since these types of boxes usually sell online for as much as $250 per box.

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Credit: eBay/ABUGames

What do you think about this collaboration between eBay and ABUGames? Do you think Magic will continue to be the most popular game sold on eBay for long? Let us know in the comments section below.

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