Magic: The Gathering Oubliette Reprint Confirmed in an Upcoming Product

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Some Magic: The Gathering fans are wondering why the card "Oubliette" was not reprinted in Theros Beyond Death. After all, the black enchantment card first printed in Arabian Nights (1993) fits the enchantment-focused flavor of the latest set. However, if you're still hoping for a reprint of "Oubliette", get your hopes up because Magic lead designer Mark Rosewater just confirmed that a reprint is coming in a new MTG product.


As part of a larger Q&A article on Wizards of the Coast, Rosewater answered a fan's question about why "Oubliette" was not reprinted in Theros Beyond Death, but he confirmed that a reprint of the card will be in an upcoming MTG product.

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

You can read Rosewater's full response below:

Basically two reasons:
One, reprints have to keep the same name, and an oubliette is not particularly Greek in origin. It's a French word.
Two, cards in Standard-legal sets follow the modern color pie and the ability is now a white ability, not a black ability.
That's why it's not in Theros Beyond Death. I am happy to say we found a way to template it so it can fit on a card (that's the real reason we haven't done it for so long), and it is planned to be reprinted in an upcoming product.

Will they reprint "Oubliette" in the upcoming Mystery Booster product? Or maybe one of the new Commander products this year? Or a new Secret Lair product? It would be interesting to see new art for the reprint of this powerful enchantment.


Theros Beyond Death is not available.

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