Magic: The Gathering In-Store Play Suspension Temporarily Reinstated in US and LATAM

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WIzards of the Coast has announced today has placed Magic: The Gathering in-store play under suspension in United States and Latin America. The decision comes after the company reviewed feedback from Core Set 2021 Prerelease, conferring with their Retail Advisory Panel, and considering the safety of the community.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

"We realize that this decision has important implications across the entire Magic ecosystem," Wizards stated. "We also realize that the state of the pandemic varies wildly around the globe, and that the situation is in a constant state of flux. So we want to be as clear as we can about our plans going forward."

The tabletop gaming publisher said that the suspension is temporary but will last through Zendikar Rising Prerelease this fall. "We can confirm that the suspension will be lifted no sooner than Zendikar Rising Prerelease—the season will offer At-Home Prerelease only," Wizards confirmed. The company also said that they are currently working toward additional tools and resources to refine remote play experience.

WotC went on to say that on the second Wednesday (Pacific time) of every month, they will provide an update on whether they've decided to continue the suspension or lift it for the following month. The update will be published on the Wizards Play Network website, even if they decided not to take action.

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