17 Apr 2020 4:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Godfather of Commander Talks About Companion Cards & Banning Lutri

In the latest episode of Good Morning Magic with Senior Magic: The Gathering Designer Gavin Verhey, the Godfather of Commander, Sheldon Menery, talks about Commander 2020, and the new set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths.

Menery explains why the brand new mechanic Companion works in the Commander format. He compares Companion cards to Wishes (anything that references to outside-of-the-game cards), saying that even though that they play in the same space, Companion is self-referential and self-limiting. "While Companion, we believe, is focused and lead to creativity, Wishes contend to lead to homogenization," Menery explains.

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As for the banning of "Lutri, the Spellchaser" on Commander format, Menery revealed that they considered allowing Lutri in the fan-favorite Magic format "for the first quarter", but ultimately decided to ban the card before its release because they didn't want players to feel disappointed after they acquire the card, then have it banned by Wizards of the Coast.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is now available on Magic: The Gathering Arena, and it will be available for tabletop play in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong on April 17, and for tabletop play everywhere else on May 15. Commander 2020 will also be released on May 15.


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