Wizards of the Coast Giving Fans A Chance To Design A Magic: The Gathering Card For An Upcoming Set

Want a chance to win an opportunity to design a Magic: The Gathering card? Now, Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with Omaze to give fans a chance to design a Magic card that will be published in an upcoming set.

Today, Omaze has announced a new sweepstakes in which the winner will have the opporutnity to meet head Magic designer Mark Rosewater to design their very own card. "You'll help decide everything from how it works, the story behind it and which color deck it'll go in," the announcement said. The winner will also get a behind-the-scenes tour of Wizards of the Coast HQ in Seattle, Washington, meet the design teams, and have lunch with the Magic Design Studio. The winner will also get to play a top-secret game against world-class designers with an unreleased product. Flight to Seattle and four-star-hotel are also included.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast
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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Donations from the sweepstakes will be used to help the Make-A-Wish®, which is focused on granting the wish of every eligible child diagnosed with a critical illness. "On average, a wish is granted every 16 minutes around the world, but due to the public and medical concerns of COVID-19, Make-A-Wish® faces a record number of wishes waiting to be granted," Omaze noted. "This year, Make-A-Wish® is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the wish that inspired the founding of the organization in 1980. Now more than ever before, Make-A-Wish® needs the support of individuals like you to continue to grant the wish of every eligible child."

You can get entries by donating on Omaze's website.

Rosewater recently took it to Twitter to respond to questions about the limits of the card design:

"The card design for the Make-a-Wish promotion still goes through set design and play design like any card design," Rosewater clarified. "This isn't a chance to make a card that would normally be off limits."

Designing your own Magic: The Gathering card is a dream for many MTG fans, and it's great to see Wizards continue to support great causes while giving fans a rare opportunity to design something special.

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