03 Nov 2020 2:28 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Eternal Weekend Winner Disqualified

Wizards of the Coast has disqualified Andreas Petersen as this year's Magic: The Gathering Eternal Weekend after being caught bribing an opponent, so the initial second-place finisher David Lance is now the winner of the event.

Last month, Petersen won the Vintage Eternal Weekend Mishra's Workshop-event; however, last week, screenshots from a stream revealed that Petersen appears to bribe his Round 10 opponent Franco Cicchini to get him into Top 8.

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Credit: The conversation on stream, that let to Petersen's disqualification

On Twitter, Petersen praised Cicchini for being a "nice buy", but since his celebration of winning the tournament, both players have gone silent on social media. Wizards hasn't made an official statement about Petersen's disqualification, but third-place finisher Brian Coval has posted an email from Wizards, confirming that a player ahead of him in standing was qualified, and as a result, they raised up Coval's prize winnings.

That means David Lance is now the winner of Eternal Weekend: Workshop.


Congrats to David Lance for winning the tournament, and good job, Wizards for taking quick action against a cheater.

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