Magic: The Gathering Double Masters VIP Boosters Are Reportedly Searchable

Wizards of the Coast recently released a premium Magic: The Gathering compilation set called Double Masters, and there's a more premium version called the Double Masters VIP Booster which costs $100 a pack. Before you decide to purchase, however, you may want to watch this PSA warning from YouTuber Midwest EDH.

As you can see, the VIP Booster doesn't have the Wizards of the Coast logo on its shrinkwrap unlike most Magic booster box products. He also points out that the premium product can be slowly peeled off while preserving the glue. The YouTuber went on to point out that the rares inside the pack can be seen without opening the wrap. He also compares the VIP Booster that was opened regularly to the one that was opened slowly to show that you can't distinguish which one is which.

The Double Masters VIP Booster has been a controversial product due to its high price and fans being confused about the information Wizards of the Coast previously said about the product.

The Jake and Joel are Magic YouTube channel discussed the video and suggests what you can do to make sure your VIP Boosters are not tampered: buy a subcase that contains 4 VIP Boosters with an unbroken seal, which costs around $340.

Have you bought or are you planning to buy a Double Masters VIP Booster? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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