Magic: The Gathering Digital Game Title Announced, More Details Coming Soon

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Now we know the title of the next Magic: The Gathering digital game under the Magic Digital Next umbrella, and it sounds like it's something that will drive players to compete and duel just like the actual Magic card game.

On Magic: The Gathering's official Facebook page, the title for the next digital game has been revealed to be Magic: The Gathering Arena. They haven't released details about the game but the post announced that more information about the game will be revealed on September 7 at 1 p.m. PT via

Earlier this year, Hasbro, the company that owns MTG, said that they were 'reimagining' digital versions of popular games - and the team behind it includes the Magic Online group and Crytpic Studios. It looks like they're focused on taking the MTG franchise to the next level and expanding beyond the card games. Back in May, it was reported that Cryptic Studios posted a job ad for an Art Director to work on an ‘exciting, well-known fantasy', and many were speculating it to be Magic.

It would be cool to see an MMO game explore the multiverse of Magic, and we'll update you about the details once they announce it next month.

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