Watch: The Biggest Mistake in Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

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Last weekend's Pro Tour Hour of Devastation showed the dominance of Mono Red aggro decks. Hall of Famer Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa ended up winning the whole event but let's not forget to thank his opponent in the semifinals for making the biggest mistake that led to the Brazilian pro's victory. 

In the semifinals, Paulo played against Yam Wing Chun. Despite having more life than the Hong Kong-based player, Paulo could have lost the match but Yam "The Walking Bye" (he calls himself that on Twitter) got a bit too excited, and moved to Combat step only to realize that he couldn't attack his Hazoret because he still has two cards in hand. If he played those two cards (Collective Defiance and Incediary Flow) in his first main phase, he could have inflected 7 damage, so with Hazoret's 5-power attack, that would have been enough to take down his opponent. That mistake cost him the game, and Magic fans couldn't stop replaying the hilarious moment on Twitch. You can watch the clip below: 


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