Magic: The Gathering Boosts Tribal Themes With 5 Core Set 2021 Rares

All the Magic: The Gathering cards from the upcoming Core Set 2021 have finally been revealed, and it's clear that the popular card game's tribal themes are getting a major boost thanks to a cycle of Rare creatures: Shacklegeist, Thieves' Guild Enforcer, Conspicuous Snoop, Feline Sovereign, and Pack Leader. These cards support the tribal themes of Spirits, Rogues, Goblins, Cats, and Dogs. There's one tribal rare in each color; check them out:


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Core Set 2021 features new Spirit cards but there's only a few Spirits in the current Standard card pool, but depending on what cards they release in Zendikar Rising and the 2021 sets, we might see the rise of Spirit tribal in Standard once again.

Thieves' Guild Enforcer

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Rogues is Magic are known for how sneaky they can enter the battlefield with their Flash, Flying, and Deathtouch abilities, and this one can have two of those if an opponent has eight or more cards in the graveyward. This card also shows mill as an official keyword that means sending cards from the deck to the graveyard. For one mana, this is great value, and with the black cards with Flash from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths and other sets, this card will surely make a killing in the Standard format.

Conspicuous Snoop

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Goblin tribal is all about speed and dealing damage with fast creatures, but sometimes the deck can fizzle when you're just not drawing enough cards to keep the fuel burning, but Conspicuous Snoop can provide that advantage in a goblin tribal deck, and since most goblins costs 2 or less to play, there's a great chance you can cast multiple goblin cards from the top of your deck easily thanks to its ability.

Feline Sovereign

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The new Magic set will surely pit cats and dogs against each other, but we might see them also team-up with efficient tribal synergy. For three mana, Feline Sovereign packs a lot of value for Cat tribal decks: not only does it pumps your other Cats up, it also gives them protection from Dogs, and the ability to destroy an artifact or enchantment when it deals combat damage.

Pack Leader

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Dogs in Core Set 2021 are focused on defensive strategies while still providing ways to gain advantage in combat. For only two mana, you get to boost your other dogs up, and its ability will give you more confidence to attack since combat damage dealt to your dogs will be prevented anyway.

Some tribal cards in Core Set 2021 may look like they're just fit for casual play, but after seeing these Rares, I wouldn't be surprised if we see powerful tribal themes in competitive Standard.

Wizards previously revealed that the upcoming Jumpstart product, which is set to release just a couple of weeks after Core Set 2021 launches on tabletop, willl also have tribal themes.

Core Set 2021 is set to release on July 3 with Prerelease events scheduled from June 26 to July 2. Jumpstart is set to launch on July 17.

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