Magic: The Gathering Arena's 2nd Arena Open Coming on August 1 Using the Historic Format

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WIzards of the Coast has announced that Magic: The Gathering Arena's second Arena Open will be held on August 1-2 and will use the game's eternal format, Historic.

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The next Arena Open will have the same eligibility requirements and prize payouts with a maximum prize of $2,000. The tournament will be split into two days, with a cut between days, and it will be available to players over 18-years-old in eligible territories.

The entry fee for the tournament is 20,000 Gold or 4,000 Gems and can be entered multiple times during the 23-hour period starting at 11 AM Eastern on August 1. Players will play Best-of-One Historic matches on Day 1 until they win seven matches to advance to Day 2 or two losses and are eliminated —though they can join again if they want to have another attempt. Players will be rewarded 400 Gems for each match win from three to seven.

Day 2 will begin on August 2, and the format will be Best-of-Three Historic, and players will again play until they get seven wins or two losses —but unlike Day 1, they won't be able to reenter the event. Each win will reward 2,000 Gems, and competitors who win six matches will earn $1,000 and those who win seven matches will earn $2,000.

Are you going to join the 2nd Arena Open? Let us know what decks you are planning to brew.

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