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Magic: The Gathering Arena Winter Events, Bundles & Bug Fixes For December 2020

Wizards of the Coast just released the latest Magic: The Gathering Arena update today, and the patch notes reveals the new online events this month, bug fixes, and new digital goods available in the MTG Arena store.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

One of the biggest changes in the December 2020 update is the limit of 250 maximum number of tokens per player on the battlefield at any given time.


"If an effect would create a token past this limit, it instead does not; mana will be spent, cards will be tapped, permanents will remain sacrificed, etc., however, no additional tokens will be created if you are already at the maximum number allowed," Wizards said in the December 2020 State of the Game.

You can check out the bug fixes below:


There is now a limit of 250 tokens per player. Tokens you attempt to create beyond that just won't be created (and they won't trigger anything, either!
Intention lines should no longer subtly flicker when mousing over cards.
Players can now correctly attack multiple Planswalkers tokens (as opposed to only the one stacked on top).
Modal double-faced card labels should now display correctly when being cast/played through some other card effect (e.g. Light Up The Stage)
Cleaned up code around playing lands! The old version was causing some lands to pause or move very slowly when transitioning from the hand to the battlefield.
Rapidly clicking on an opponent's avatar no longer causes the the mute bottom to appear seemingly at random.


Fixed issues with Rashmi, Eternities Crafter not interacting with other sides of modal spells (like split cards or Adventures) correctly.
If you managed to have Shielded Aether Thief block two creatures (perhaps via Act of Heroism) it was triggering twice. This has been fixed. (Why were you doing this?)
Vito and Exquisite Blood used to have count badges that... didn't count anything. Now they don't!
Fixed an error with Skyclave Apparition and exiling mutate piles.


Having a Switch Pro Controller connected will no longer cause X values to change rapidly.
Historic Friend Challenges and Historic Tournament Challenges should no longer experience issues when selecting decks.
Quantity text now correctly displays for Player Draft token rewards.
Highlights for Daily Deal avatars now displays correctly
Core Set 2021 lands using Showcase card styles once again have a quantity indicator when using the horizontal deck builder.
Adventures using the Showcase card style only showing the creature cost in hand until you moused over. This has been fixed.


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Credit: Wizards of the Coast


December 12 - December 13
Day 1: Both Historic and Traditional Historic offerings available
Day 2: Traditional Historic (must advance from either Day 1)


January 2 - January 8


December 11 - December 25: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
December 25 - January 15: Zendikar Rising
January 15 - January 29: Core Set 2021
January 29 - February 12: Zendikar Rising
December 13 - January 1: Arena Cube Draft
January 1 - January 8: Guilds of Ravnica
January 8 - January 15: Ravnica Allegiance
January 15 - January 28: Tinkerer's Cube Draft
Until January 28: Zendikar Rising


December 13 - December 20: Traditional Arena Cube Draft
January 15 - January 22: Traditional Tinkerer's Cube Draft
Until January 28: Zendikar Rising

The Magic Arena store will also offer a new festive Food Golem sleeve and new bundles. Card styles are also now available through the deckbuilder.

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Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

Journey to Oblivion
Thieving Skydiver
All Kaladesh Remastered cards

Are you going to be participating in the MTG Arena Winter Events this month?

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