21 Magic: The Gathering Legends That Were Cut From Commander Legends

Wizards of the Coast just released Commander Legends last month, and despite the quality issues of the foil Magic: The Gathering cards some fans have reported, many Commander players have praised the first-ever Commander set designed for Booster Draft for its unique Limited gameplay and new legendary cards for the fan-favorite format.

Now, Commander Legends lead designer Gavin Verhey has revealed the 21 legends that were cut from the set, and they include Ashnod, Hurkyl, Mother Yamazaki, a vehicle legend, and more. You can watch him show the cards as well as the associated cards in the new episode of Good Morning Magic below:

Here are the 21 legends that were cut from Commander Legends:

Hurkyl, Founder of Lat-Nam
Lin Sivvi, Recruiter
Talara, Batallion Leader
Tahngarth of the Weatherlight
Burley the Beast
Adom Capashen of Benalia
Matoc, Lavamancer
Pivilic, Reviving Imp
Bruenna, Neurok Commander
Marisi, the Tracker
Rofellos, Voice of Yavimaya
Blunk, Skullcracker
Takara en-Dal
Mother Yamazaki
Gerrard, Hero and Martyr
Neehan, Azorius Lawmaker
Ashnod, the Uncaring
Kyodai, Sister of Spirit

There are 71 legendary creatures and planeswalkers in Commander Legends, but some of the cards they designed had to go, and it must have been a difficult decision to cut some of these cards.

What do you think about these legends that didn't make it to Commander Legends? Which of these legends do you think should have been printed? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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