Magic: The Gathering Arena Reveals All The Jumpstart Cards It's Replacing

The upcoming Magic: The GatheringJumpstart set will also be available digitally on Magic: The Gathering Arena, and Wizards of the Coast already confirmed that the 500+ cards will be legal in the game's eternal format, Historic. However, WotC is replacing twenty of those cards in Arena because of either power or gameplay concerns, or technical restrictions. These cards will be replaced with other cards, some of which will also be new to the digital client.

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Credit: WOTC

Today, Wizards has revealed all the Jumpstart cards that won't be appearing digitally on MTG Arena:

Scourge of Nel Toth
Time to Feed
Ball Lightning
Chain Lightning
Fa'adiyah Seer
Lightning Bolt
Sheoldred, Whispering One
Read the Runes
Rhystic Study
Ajani's Chosen
Angelic Arbiter
Draconic Roar
Flametongue Kavu
Goblin Lore
Mausoleum Turnkey
Path to Exile
Scrounging Bandar
Thought Scour

As part of the June 2020 State of the Game, they revealed 14 cards that will replace these cards:

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Credit: WOTC

Wizards said that more details about the changes will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

What do you think about the cards they're replacing from Jumpstart? Let us know in the comments section below.

Jumpstart is set to launch on Magic: The Gathering Arena on July 16, one day after the paper release of the product.

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