Magic: The Gathering Arena is Getting A New Workshop Series

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Magic: The Gathering Arena is expanding the type of events that don't require entry fees, and some of those events have specialty modes that don't require deckbuilding either, and that's why Wizards of the Coast will be introducing the Workshop series in the game.

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

As part of the Febraury 2020 State of the Game, Wizards revealed that the Workshop series will be limited-time events intended to give players a small taste of a variety of Magic formats, and you don't have to pay in-game gems or gold, or build a deck to join.

Players who earn their first win in each event will get rewards in the game, and the rewards vary from Workshop to Workshop —some will reward gold, others XP, and some individual card rewards (ICRs).

For the February 2020 update, here are the Workshop events that will be featured in game:

Power and Glory: Brawl! If you're new to the format, we're providing a couple of decks for you to try out before Wednesday rolls around or you head over to the Guildhall.
Heros of Theros: Play with Limited decks drafted by other players who managed to earn a 7–X record in their event. Have you ever asked yourself what a good Draft deck looks like? If so, this Workshop is for you!
Uncharted Paths: Play with Standard Constructed decks purposefully designed to be a little off-meta. Sure, they'll never Top 8 a Mythic Championship, but we love them anyways.

Each Workshop event will begin on Monday, and will be available for 48 hours.


In addition to the new Workshop series, MTG Arena will also have the new Festival of Gods events.

You can watch our Magic Arena video below:

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