Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus Smashes Record For Most Expensive Card Ever Sold on eBay

An Alpha Black Lotus, the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card in the world, has broken its own record, selling for more than $500,000 on eBay.

The Black Lotus originally printed in the Alpha set, which is the first print run of the first MTG cards originally released in 1993. with a case signed by the card's illustrator Christopher Rush has sold for $511,100.00 in an eBay auction, the most expensive card ever sold on the website, and is double the price of a Black Lotus which sold for $250,000 last year. Rush passed away in 2016 at 50-years-old.

The item was sold by PWCC, and it was Gem Mint PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) 10. PWCC considers it to be "the single finest Alpha Black Lotus we've had the pleasure of brokering." You can see more details about the eBay listing here.

The Black Lotus is one of the Power Nine, a set of extremely rare Magic cards that are restricted or banned in competitive play, due to their powerful in-game potential. For 0 mana cost, the Artifact card lets you add three mana of any single color when you tap and sacrifice it, so that provides a great mana advantage in early turns for no cost at all.

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"The fragile black periphery is free of common chipping or wear with four untouched corners and undeniably GEM MINT card stock," its description reads. "The card is brilliantly aligned from all sides with some of the cleanest surfaces we've seen. Free of indentations or imperfections with elegant color and precise registration."

PWCC released a YouTube video about the PSA 10 Black Lotus. "It's a very special investment," PWCC said in the video "I encourage investors to take a closer look. This is the kind of card that diversifies a portfolio in ways that's hard to duplicate."

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According to eBay, there is a Magic card sold every 10 seconds on the marketplace, and it is ranked as the most popular game sol on eBay.

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