New Magic: The Gathering Comic Teases The Final Battle For The Fate of The Multiverse

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A new Magic: The Gathering comic book issue from BOOM! Studios (under license by Hasbro, Inc) is coming this week, and it teases the final battle for the fate of the Multiverse.

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Magic #9 is the latest issue of the original comic book series from acclaimed writer Jed MacKay (Marvel's Black Cat), artist Ig Guara (Marvel's Ghost-Spider), colorist Arianna Consonni (Arancia Studios), and letterer Ed Dukeshire (Once & Future).


As shown below, the main cover art for Magic #9 is illustrated by acclaimed artist Qistina Khalidah (Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn). There are also variant cover art by Ig Guara and Tamra Bonvillain, Elizabeth Torque (Captain Marvel), Alejandro Mirabal (Longharbor), and Jae Lee (Dune: House Atreides).


Here's the official synopsis for Magic #9:

Kaya, Vraska, Ral, and Jace assemble the most powerful Planeswalkers from across the multiverse for the final battle against a civilization-ending threat. But the terrible and ancient enemy they face is a force too powerful to face head on… With [REDACTED] headed their way, the only way to save the multiverse is to make a dangerous alliance with death! Will their veritable array of powers hold off the teeming dead and lead the true threat into their trap?

Print copies of Magic #9 will be available in local comic shops or at BOOM! Studios webstore this Wednesday, December 8. Digital copies are available from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle. 

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BOOM! Studios also recently shared released a special one-shot issue called Master of Metal, which is focused on the story of one of the villainous planeswalkers, Tezzeret.