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Lycoris Recoil Ending Tops Best Anime ED Japanese Poll

Lycoris Recoil Ending Chisato

Aside from being one of 2022’s biggest unexpected hits, the Lycoris Recoil ending has also been chosen as the best anime ED of 2022 in a new Japanese poll.

In December, set up a poll that asked Japanese anime fans about their favorite anime ending themes for the year.

Now that it’s officially 2023, it was announced that LycoReco’s ED topped the poll.

Lycoris Recoil Ending Tops Latest Poll

lycoris recoil chisato takina
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The Summer 2022 season was set to be a quiet one, especially compared to the following Fall 2022 season which had lots of big hits.

Unexpectedly though, the original anime Lycoris Recoil quickly became one of the season's and the year’s most popular shows, especially in Japan.

Given how big its fanbase has grown since its first season finished airing, it should come as no surprise that it topped this new poll. Though the ending song “Hana no Tou” by Sayuri is also quite catchy.

According to respondents, many chose the Lycoris Recoil ending as the best of 2022 because of how well the song and animation flowed with the episodes. This makes sense as the song starts playing during each episode’s final scene.

Aside from the best ending, Lycoris Recoil’s Chisato and Takina also topped a recent 2022 poll that asked fans to name the best anime characters of the year.

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Best Anime Endings of 2022

Coming in at second place is the My Hero Academia Season 6 ED "SKETCH" by Kiiro Akiyama. And at 3rd place is Chainsaw Man’s 3rd ending "Hawatari 2-oku Centi" by Maximum the Hormone.

It’s a surprise to see a Chainsaw Man ED be part of the top endings, especially as the show has 12 unique endings, so it may have been difficult to pick which one is the best.

Here are the top 12 anime endings of 2022 in the new poll:

  • 1st Place: Lycoris Recoil - "Hana no Tou" by Sayuri
  • 2nd Place: My Hero Academia Season 6 - "SKETCH" by Kiiro Akiyama
  • 3rd Place: Chainsaw Man - "Hawatari 2-oku Centi" by Maximum the Hormone
  • 4th Place: Sasaki and Miyano - "Ichigo Sunset" by Shuumei Sasaki
  • 5th Place (tie): Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 - "Akuma no Ko" by Ai Higuchi
  • 5th Place (tie): Play It Cool, Guys - "Flash!" by PICG
  • 7th Place (tie): Tiger & Bunny 2 - "Pilot" by Taichi Mukai
  • 7th Place (tie): Blue Lock - "WINNER" by Shuugo Nakamura
  • 9th Place (tie): Spy x Family - "Comedy" by Gen Hoshino
  • 9th Place (tie): Ya Boy Kongming! - "Kibun Joujou ↑↑" by 96Neko, Ryoutarou Okiayu, Shouya Chiba, and Lezel
  • 9th Place (tie): Spy x Family Part 2 - "Shikisai" by yama
  • 9th Place (tie): Bocchi the Rock! (specific song not mentioned)

Along with the best endings, the same site also polled fans on the best anime openings of 2022.

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