Lycoris Recoil Director Explains Chisato's Special Power

Lycoris Recoil Chisato's Power

Lycoris Recoil Chisato's Power

After sharing how the series originally had a concept that’s closer to City Hunter, Lycoris Recoil director Shingo Adachi explained Chisato's special power in terms of how it works and how it originated.

Adachi shared interesting info about one of Lycoris Recoil’s main characters in a recent interview with Febri. This is the second of a three-part interview series, with the third and final part being released on August 30.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers for Lycoris Recoil in this article.

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In case you need a refresher, Chisato is one of, if not the best Lycoris agent thanks to her special ability to predict her opponent’s next move.

Thanks to this, she can dodge practically all projectiles, even a point-blank range. This makes it nigh impossible to land a hit on her with a gun.

While Chisato’s power was explained in Lycoris Recoil Episode 3, director Adachi explained how it works in more detail during the interview.

Chisato’s power might seem to be down to her eyes, but Adachi mentions it’s more because of her impressive observation ability.

Specifically, Chisato can detect the subtle movements of her opponent’s eyes and muscles, letting her detect whether her opponent will shoot at her or not.

It takes some time for the brain to issue the command to squeeze the trigger, and there’s also more time before a bullet gets shot after pulling the trigger. Because of her fast and accurate observation skills, Chisato can quickly process this information and react accordingly.

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Originally, Chisato didn’t have a special power. Instead, her ability was simply being good at handling guns during the planning stage. But Adachi soon came up with the ability as he realized that she would need a special power to make the story work.

Aside from being an interesting power, Chisato’s ability is also a reflection of the show’s theme. As Adachi explains, children raised by the Alan Institute are set on predetermined paths that best suit their abilities.

While this works for some people, not everyone would like to be boxed in. As in Chisato’s case, while she is billed as the world’s deadliest killer, she chooses not to kill and instead uses rubber bullets.

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Lycoris Recoil is an original anime series by A-1 Pictures. The series follows Takina Inoue, an agent of Lycoris – an all-girl group of assassins and spies.

Takina is demoted after disobeying direct orders, and she is assigned under Chisato, an expert Lycoris agent who is her total opposite in terms of personality.

New episodes of the anime are released every week on Crunchyroll.

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