Lucifer Star Tom Ellis Rumored to be Top Candidate for Mister Fantastic Role

Credit: Netflic

Credit: Netflic

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were bummed out when it was recently revealed that the highly-anticipated Fantastic Four reboot has been pushed back from its original November 2024 release date to February 2025. As it stands, the studio has yet to announce the project's official cast but according to the latest reports, director Matt Shakman and screenwriters Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer are still prioritizing the film's screenplay.

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That hasn't stopped the rumor mill though and according to a new scoop from celebrity gossip account deuxmoi (via Murphy's Multiverse), Lucifer star Tom Ellis is currently Marvel Studios' top pick to play Reed Richards in the MCU. The outlet also claims that Malignant actress Maddie Hasson could be playing Sue Storm.

It's worth noting though that deuxmoi also reported last month that Alexandra Daddario and her brother Matthew are also in talks to join the project so it's best to take this new rumor with a huge grain of salt. Previously, You star Penn Badgley was rumored to be the studio's top candidate to play the "Smartest Man Alive" but we've yet to get new updates regarding his potential involvement in the film.

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Personally, I don't see Ellis playing Mister Fantastic in the franchise, especially if you take into consideration the previous reports claiming that the studio is looking for younger actors to join the First Family. Of course, the Lucifer Morningstar actor has the advantage, having already starred in a DC project but I think he's best suited for other roles in the billion-dollar franchise.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four reboot is now scheduled for theatrical release on February 14th, 2025.

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