Lucifer Season 6 Episode Count Revealed to be Disappointingly Short

There is little doubt that people are already hyped up about Lucifer Season 6 although the second half of the fifth season is still in the works. However, fans probably shouldn't expect the final season to be as long as its predecessors. A new report reveals that Season 6 will only have eight episodes.

According to TVLine, sources have confirmed that Lucifer Season 6 has been confirmed to run for eight episodes, which is only half of the current season. Although the fifth season was originally set to get 10 episodes, it got expanded to 16 episodes that would be released in two halves.

But why the shorter episode count for the final season? Netflix has yet to comment on the show's final season. However, fans believe that it might have to do with the COVID-19 dilemma. In addition to that, there is a possibility that the cast and crew of Lucifer have only signed on for a limited series that would allow them to give the show a proper ending.

For now, only the first half of the fifth season has been released. It is still unclear when the second half will be available considering that the final episode of Season 5 was still being filmed when the show was forced to shut down production due to COVID-19. However, the series is expected to resume filming later this month on the last episode before starting work on the final season.

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