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Lucifer's Massive Season 5 Reveal Came From Showrunners Listening to the Fans

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Credit: Netflix, DC

The first half of Lucifer's fifth season has finally arrived on Netflix. Aside from the shocking twist and turns of the show, one revelation that got fans truly surprised is the truth about Chloe's existence.


There's a reason why Lauren German's Chloe was able to identify that Michael is Lucifer's twin brother, it's because she's actually a gift from God for the devil himself. While her existence proves to be a real shocker, this is actually an idea that came from the showrunners listening to the fans.

In a recent interview with TV Line, co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich says revealing Chloe's celestial origin "was actually one of the very huge things that we wanted to cover this season." This is because she and co-showrunner Joe Henderson always try to listen to the fans.

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Credit: Netflix, DC

"A lot of people still wanted to know why Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable," she continued. "So that was a big task that we set for ourselves."

Henderson says this reveal was something they almost covered in the fourth season of Lucifer. However, they wanted to "hold onto it and really dig into it" in the fifth season, to further explore the "depth" of Lucifer and Chloe's relationship.

Throughout Season 5, fans will see Chloe struggle with this reveal, questioning if her feelings and choices were of her own doing or if this is what God actually wanted her to do and feel.

The first half of Lucifer Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.


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