Lucasfilm Features Star Wars: The Last Jedi Display At This Year’s SDCC

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There might not be any panel for Star Wars and Star Wars: The Last Jedi at this year's San Diego Comic Con, but that doesn't mean that Lucasfilm's going to miss all of the action at the geek and pop culture convention.

Though there won't be any new trailers at the event, Lucasfilm has just unveiled its new exhibit display for Rian Johnson's Force Awakens sequel, showing off some of the sequel trilogy installment's new props and costumes. Attending the event, Screen Rant offers fans a look at a few exhibit photos of the Star Wars pavilion located at booth #2913 which can be found on the showroom floor.

The photo below gives fans a closer look at one of Poe Dameron's (Oscar Isaac) cohorts, an Abednedo fighter pilot named Cá Threnalli as well as Force Awakens characters like the Sullustan pilot named Nien Nub and of course everyone's favorite ball of beeps and boops, BB-8.

Though it's rather disappointing that Star Wars fans attending the event won't be getting any exclusive preview footage of The Last Jedi, it's hard not to enjoy a good display. Fans can also take comfort in the fact that they can find a lot of SDCC exclusive Star Wars goodies at the convention as well.

This year's San Diego Comic Con runs from July 20 to July 23. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas December 15, 2017.

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