Love In Contract Episode 5 Spoilers And Updates: Why Did Go Kyung Pyo Hire Park Min Young?

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

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The Kdrama Love in Contract has been able to capture the hearts of its audience from its initial airing on September 21, 2022. The plot revolves around a woman who works for a company that provides "fake wives" to bachelors so that they can attend events with "spouses" such as family dinners, high school reunions, and meetings for married couples. It stars Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo, and Kim Jae Young.

Here is a Love In Contract Episode 5 spoilers, updates, and everything you need to know in the upcoming episode.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Love In Contract Episode 5 Spoilers

The reason why Jung Ji-Ho hired Choi Sang-Eun as his wife will be revealed in Love In Contract Episode 5. In the preview stills, Jung Ji-Ho and Choi Sang-Eun sit with their backs on the cart bar, drawing curiosity with the kind of conversation they are having. This is actually a scene after Jung Ji-Ho saw Choi Sang-Eun five years ago in the courtroom.

Choi Sang-Eun is having a conversation with Gwang-Nam at the cart bar, which gives a glimpse of seriousness in their situation based on the former’s firm expression.

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In another preview image, Jung Ji-Ho draws attention as he listens to the two’s conversation. Behind his calm expression, he is deeply in thought which raised questions about the reason why he hired Choi Sang-Eun in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jung Ji-Ho and Choi Sang-Eun showed irresistible chemistry, which had viewers’ heart to flutter. While Jung Ji-Ho boasts about his wide shoulder and impressive background, Choi Sang-Eun manages to share extraordinary chemistry with him, which hints at a possible romance in the future.

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Love In Contract Episode 5 Release Date And Time

tvN Kdrama Love In Contract Episode 5 is set to air on Wednesday, October 5, 2022, at 10:30 PM KST. The exact time of the episode's release depends on your location and time zone. Love In Contract Episode 3 will also be made available for streaming on Viki with English subtitles hours after its Korean network release.

On the other hand, here are the approximate release times of the show according to different time zones.

  • Central Time: 8:30 AM (October 5)
  • British Time: 2:30 PM (October 5)
  • Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (October 5)
  • Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (October 5)
  • Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (October 5)

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