Love In Contract Episode 2 Recap: Park Min Young Remembers Kim Jae Young? + Go Kyung Pyo Declares Divorce

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Love In Contract is a new tvN romance Kdrama starring Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Jae Young. The series tells the story of a woman who works for a service company that provides fake wives for single people to bring to social gatherings, such as family dinners, school reunions, and meetings for married couples.

Love In Contract Episode 2 aired on September 22, 2022, at 10:30 PM KST. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 2 received a nationwide viewership rating of 3.447%. This was a 0.545% decrease compared to its previous episode rating.

Here is a Love In Contract Episode 2 recap and everything that happened in the new Kdrama series.

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Love In Contract Episode 2 Recap

Love In Contract Episode 2 sees a revelation of the reason why Jung Ji-Ho declared divorce to Choi Sang-Eun. He knew about her dream to go to a foreign country where no one knew her and to experience true love. He sees a flight ticket to Canada that departs a month later. By declaring divorce, Jung Ji-Ho thought he did her a favor, not knowing she was frustrated about the gesture.

On the other hand, Jung Ji-Ho shows off a strange charm when he first faces Kang Hae-Jin, who has occupied the place upstairs. In particular, the indifference of not recognizing superstar actor Kang Hae-Jin and mistaking him for a courier and the bold appearance of Jung Ji-Ho, who effortlessly picks up the former's cat, drew laughter from viewers.

There is no intent to offend him, but Jung Ji-Ho's unexpected response embarrasses Kang Hae-Jin.

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Kim Jae Young Suspects Go Kyung Pyo In Love In Contract Episode 2

Kang Hae-Jin has been in several rumors that he is actually video calling a girlfriend, when in fact, it was just his cat named Jamie. Although he lives endlessly devoted to his cat, he shows a feisty and sensitive side yet to his manager, revealing an irresistible charm without hesitation.

As soon as he settled in his new home, his curiosity exploded at the fact that his first love married Jung Ji-Ho, and that Jamie/Choi Sang-Eun, who had remained in his memories for 13 years, seemed not to remember him.

His curiosity still remains as he accidentally sees Jung Ji-Ho in the deep night wielding a knife. He steps up to save Sang-Eun and warns her about her husband being a dangerous man. But rather gave off a sloppy beauty that was branded as a neighbor who is deeply interested in others' business.

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Park Min Young Savors The Remaining Days With Go Kyung Pyo In Love In Contract Episode 2

Love In Contract Episode 2 also highlights Choi Sang-Eun and Jung Ji-Ho's last nights together as a married couple. While Kang Hae-Jin tries to warn Sang-Eun about her husband's suspicious actions, Jung Ji-Ho appears in front of the door and calls on his wife.

The heart-fluttering remark shocked Sang-Eun, which calls for an expectation of whether she would come with her husband or listen to Kang Hae-Jin's warning.

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