LOONA's Yeojin Speaks Up After Losing Lawsuit Against Blockberry Creative

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Credit: loonatheworld/YouTube Screenshot

LOONA member Yeojin shared her thoughts with her fans after losing the lawsuit she filed against her agency, Blockberry Creative.

Following Chuu’s removal from LOONA, her co-members filed lawsuits against their company in pursuit of suspending their exclusive contracts with them. Heejin, Choerry, Jinsoul, and Kim Lip won the case, while Haseul, Olivia Hye, Go Won, Yves and Yeojin lost.


Two members, Vivi and Hyunjin, did not file their cases.

The result means that the contracts of the members who won the case have been suspended, while the five members remain under the company.

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LOONA Yeojin Expresses Heartbreak After Losing Lawsuit

Star Today shared statements posted by Yeojin, Haseul and Yves, who were among those who lost the lawsuit.


Yeojin greeted their fans, Orbits, and asked them if they were doing well. She then opened up about how the development had been difficult to endure.

"The anxiety made me feel there would be no hope, nothing, and nobody left by my side, it made me suffer all day,” she said. “I couldn't help but wonder how I could escape this time. I didn't ask for much, I just wanted to be treated fairly, but I think my dreams were shattered.”

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She shared another post on Jan. 15, in which she shared her anxiety and asked fans if she could perform on the stage again soon. Yeojin emotionally talked about the “brighter days” in her career and told fans to go back to that time together.

Fans immediately sided with Yeojin and defended her from Blockberry Creative. They also urged the company to let the members go by disbanding LOONA.

LOONA’s Yves Opens Up About “Mentally Exhausting and Painful Days”


Aside from Yeojin, Yves also updated her fans and told them she could not sleep in the past few days as she was already mentally exhausted.

According to the idol, she initially wanted to keep her feelings to herself. However, her chest already felt heavy enough, which led her to speak up.

“I have no idea how long or how much more painful it would be...but I'm going to do everything I can do... I'm sorry I'm hanging by a thread and reaching out to you. Finally, please believe in us. I love you Orbit,” she continued.

Blockberry Creative has not released a new statement but said it started looking into the lawsuits’ outcomes.

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