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Loki Villain Nearly Resembled Beauty and the Beast Character

Credit: Marvel Studios

Some fans tend to take this for granted but a lot of work comes into creating a character's look for Marvel films and shows. More often than not, concept artists are tasked to come up with a number of designs before getting things right. Unsurprisingly, the same process happened to one of Loki's surprising villains, Miss Minutes.

Miss Minutes
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The artificial intelligence created by "He Who Remains" (aka a variant of Kang the Conqueror) to observe and provide aid to the Time Variance Authority has apparently undergone several designs before the studio decided to go with her look for the hit MCU series.

The new book Marvel's Loki: The Art of the Series revealed a number of designs for the character voiced by Tara Strong and some of her earlier designs are too out-of-this-world to even believe. At one point, Miss Minutes was nearly presented as a floating head with an alternate body shaped like an hourglass, which to be fair would have been quite clever.

What's actually surprising is how close we were to getting something that resembled Cogsworth from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The resemblance is quite uncanny! Check it out here:

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It'll be interesting if some of the unused designs for Miss Minutes will actually be featured in the upcoming second season of the show. Personally, I'd be interested in seeing her potential human form because there's no way she's always looked like a cartoon clock. There's definitely some mystery behind her that hopefully, the next season will reveal.

No release window has been set for Loki Season 2. Meanwhile, all episodes from its first season are available to stream on Disney+.

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