Loki Star Gugu Mbatha-Raw Teases Renslayer's Season 2 Changes

It has already been confirmed that Judge Ravonna Renslayer will be back in Loki Season 2. But what can we expect for the character in the second season of the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe series? Gugu Mbatha-Raw recently spoke about her return in the show and she confirmed that her character is set for some major changes!

In the first season finale of Loki, B-15 tried to prove to the other TVA troopers that they are all variants. In order to prove it, she showed a variant of Renslayer who is a school vice-principal. The revelation was truly shocking for Renslayer, who set out to find her own free will.

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So what happened to Renslayer after what went down in the Loki season finale? Gugu Mbatha-Raw told PopCulture.com that she can't share too much about what will happen in Season 2 but she did point out that her character will go through some changes.

"Oh, my God. You know I can't say anything about Loki," Mbatha-Raw said with a laugh. "The Marvel police will come along and just take me away. But no, I'm excited that it's happening, and I really love my character. I think she's unexpected and complex. And so, I'm excited to go to some deeper, darker places with her as well."

It's an interesting tease considering that Renslayer got a major shocker when we last saw her and is now determined to find the truth. With that in mind, the character could discover something that will truly change things for her.

Loki Season 2 will also bring back Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie. The second season has not yet been given an official release date but we could learn more in the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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