Loki: Sophia Di Martino Believes Sylvie will Soon Regret Killing He Who Remains

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki's jaw-dropping Season 1 finale undoubtedly changed the entire complexion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward and we only have one person to blame and that's none other than Sylvie Laufeydottir. In Episode 6, the notorious variant of the God of Mischief ended the life of "He Who Remains" which effectively branched out several different timelines that will lead to the multiversal war.

Actress Sophia Di Martino was definitely one of the standouts of the hit Disney+ series but after her character's actions in the explosive finale episode, some fans are now seeing her as the female version of Star-Lord who cost the Earth's Mightiest Heroes a potential win against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Sylvie actress recently spoke with Vanity Fair and opened up about the Loki variant's universe-altering actions during the finale. According to her, the character will slowly feel regret for killing He Who Remains. She explains: "She's done it and she's sort of waiting for the relief and the release and something to happen to make her feel a tiny bit better about things. And it just doesn't come, and she's left questioning everything."

She added: "I think [regret] definitely comes at some point. I'm sure it will, because the whole conversation that's just happened with Loki is almost like a misunderstanding. It's just a bad bit of communication in a way, and then she's left with the reality of what she's done. There's some big feels."

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It's safe to say at this point that Sophia's MCU journey is only getting started and we can totally expect her to make a comeback in a future MCU project, we just don't know when, where, and how. Obviously, with Sylvie opening the portal to the multiverse, it'll serve as poetic justice for the Loki variant to be the one instrumental in defeating Kang the Conqueror but that one still remains to be seen.

All episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+.

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