Loki Season 2 Set Photos Tease Mysterious Marvel Comics Easter Eggs

Unlike the other MCU live-action shows on Disney+ that were released so far, Loki is officially getting a second season which is expected to continue the cliffhanger they left the viewers at by the end of the first season. Recently, the second season started production and, while the exact plot details are still under wraps, it looks like we are starting to get some clues about the season thanks to the set photos that just surfaced online.

A new batch of set photos from the second season of Loki in London is currently surfacing online thanks to Twitter user @LOVE1SNOTENOUGH. The photos, which came from the set at the Noel Coward Theatre area in London, showed a couple of posters which are easter eggs references to the Marvel Comics characters Zaniac and Phone Ranger as well as Kingo from Eternals.

By the looks of it, it seems like the two characters are referenced in an in-universe movie instead of being actual characters in the MCU. You can check the tweet below:

In case you're not familiar, as described by The Direct, Zaniac was first introduced in Thor #319 in May 1982 as "an entity that possessed various hosts in order to cause terror and chaos. He was even thought to have taken over the body of Marvel's Jack the Ripper, giving life to the legend that's been around for the past couple of centuries in the real world."

Meanwhile, Phone Ranger is described as "an even wilder hero, donning a costume that literally looks like a wired telephone with the number buttons on his chest after figuring out how to tap into countless phone lines."

Even though it suggests that the characters will not physically show up in the series, it is still interesting that the series will have an easter egg reference surrounding them and they are also deep-cut characters that only long-time comic book fans will be able to identify when they see it on the screen. Either way, it's still a cool easter egg that fans will look forward to and also find out why a portion of the series will take place in a theater.

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Marvel and Disney+ have not set a release window yet for the second season of Loki.

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