Loki Poster Teases The Time-Keepers Arrival in Episode 4

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There is little doubt that fans are currently hyped up for the fourth episode of Loki after the release of the midseason trailer. But what can we expect in Episode 4? A newly dropped poster for the Marvel Cinematic Universe series might confirm that the God of Mischief might finally get a meeting with the Time-Keepers.

Early on, it was confirmed that the Time-Keepers created the TVA and the Sacred Timeline so they would be the ones who could ultimately decide Loki's fate. The God of Mischief initially agrees to work for TVA on the condition that he gets to meet with the Time-Keepers to bargain for his existence.


We learned a bit more about what the Time-Keepers are capable of when Sylvie revealed that the TVA agents are just other Variants and were not created by the mysterious beings. With that in mind, there's a huge chance that the Time-Keepers will finally show up in the series, thanks to a new poster released by the official Loki Twitter account.

There's another reason why fans believe the Time-Keepers will show up in Loki Episode 4. The midseason trailer also featured Loki and Sylvie being captured and taken back to the TVA, which somehow confirms that Loki kept his end of the deal by catching Sylvie. Will he get his meeting with the Time-Keepers? We'll find out on Wednesday.

The official title for Loki Episode 4 has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, the next episode of the MCU series is already scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on June 30, 2021.


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