Loki Episode 5 Recap: Journey Into Mystery of the Lost-and-Found Dimension

It might be Wednesday but today belongs to Loki and we mean all of the God of Mischief's Variants. Loki Episode 5 was a truly wild ride into the strange new dimension introduced in last week's mid-credits scene. Not surprisingly, the penultimate episode gave us a Journey into Mystery filled with awesome Easter Eggs and unexpected new discoveries.

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS from Loki Episode 5 so PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Loki Episode 5 doesn't waste time in providing some answers. For instance, Judge Renslayer immediately confirms to Sylvie that Variants who get pruned end up in The Void At The End of Time. It is here that we find everything from the four Variants introduced in the previous episode and some surprising entities.

Meanwhile, Loki goes with the other Variants and learns about their nexus events. For instance, Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki actually tricked Thanos during that scene in Avengers: Infinity War and lived the rest of his life on an isolated planet. It was only when he decided to look for Thor and leave the planet that he was captured by the TVA.

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Back in the TVA, Sylvie prunes herself to find Loki in the Void. She has a close encounter with Alioth, the cloudy entity guarding the dimension's entrance. Elsewhere, Boastful Loki betrays the other Variants to President Loki and an epic Variant fight ensues. Our present Loki manages to get away from the chaos and reunites with Sylvie and Mobius.

Sylvie proposes that they should try to enchant Alioth and get to the entrance, which is where the real TVA mastermind is hiding. Loki and his Variant allies agree and Classic Loki creates a massive illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth, ultimately sacrificing himself for their mission.

As it all clears up, Loki and Sylvie see the entrance beyond the Void. But are they ready to discover who has been controlling TVA all this time?

There were so many awesome things about Loki Episode 5 that we'll have to discuss it in a different story. Nevertheless, we can't wait to see what's next for the God of Mischief.

Loki Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+.

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