07 Jul 2021 11:26 AM +00:00 UTC

Loki Episode 5 Features Nod to Popular Infinity War Fan Theory

Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning: if you haven't seen the latest episode of Loki, this article contains spoilers so read at your own risk!

Marvel Studios continues to drop bombshells as we approach the final episode of its latest Phase Four offering Loki. Long before the series began, fans were under the impression that the series will mark Tom Hiddleston's official farewell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his character's gruesome death in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos.

At the time, it came as a major shocker and a lot of people clearly weren't ready for him to actually die and bid the franchise goodbye.

People thought the hit Disney+ series would have served as closure for fans of the God of Mischief but Episode 5 may have changed all that and for all we know, Loki could still be alive in the current MCU timeline. "Journey Into Mystery" features a jaw-dropping nod to a popular Marvel fan theory revolving around Thor's half-brother. It was believed that in Infinity War, Loki didn't actually die and was able to trick Thanos by means of sorcery.

In Episode 5, during a conversation between 2012 Loki and Classic Loki played by Richard E. Grant, it was revealed that he was able to survive Thanos' onslaught by pulling an illusion to save himself from the Mad Titan and he actually fell for it.

This absolutely supports the ongoing theory surrounding Loki's "death". Now, with this new revelation, it wouldn't be too far of a reach to say that the main timeline version of Loki is still alive somewhere.

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Fans tend to create some outrageous theories but there are actually times when they make total sense. Now, I wouldn't exactly say that Marvel Studios took advantage of the said theories and incorporated it into Loki's story because let's face it, the fact that they went out of their way to create a series revolving around the anti-hero tells you that his MCU journey is far from over.

The latest episode of Loki is now streaming on Disney+.