Loki: Concept Art Confirms Deleted Scene Featuring Popular Guardians Member

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' Loki introduced us to the wild concept of the Time Variance Authority and "variants", alternate versions of our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that have been wreaking havoc in the sacred timeline. As early as the first episode, there have been persistent theories that a popular MCU character, Peggy Carter was spotted in the TVA around the time Loki was taken captive by the mysterious organization's agents.

That one has yet to be proven but as it turns out, Marvel Studios did have plans of giving us a cameo appearance from other MCU heroes.

Apparently, original plans called for a cameo from Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon. Official concept art from the hit Disney+ series has been making the rounds all over social media and it sees the fan-favorite outlaw along with other extraterrestrial beings inside the Time Variance Authority being guided by Miss Minutes. We've yet to learn the reason why the particular scene was scrapped but you can check out the image here:

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Considering how reckless and fearless Rocket is, it wouldn't be shocking if actually broke the rules of the sacred timeline for his own personal gain. It's quite a shame that we never got to see it happen. Imagine if the variant Rocket under TVA's custody was actually the same Rocket that became good buddies with Thor. His interactions with the God of Mischief would be hysterical.

All episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+.