Loki Star Jack Veal Reveals Surprising Detail About Kid Loki and The Void

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Kid Loki is among the show-stealers of Loki's Episode 5 and I can even go as far as saying that he just might go down as the "superior" God of Mischief variant judging by his claims that his Nexus event happened after he killed Thor who was presumably around the same age as him.

Obviously, given his short-lived stint in the show, Loki failed to explore the true backstory of Loki's younger version but according to actor Jack Veal, there's one surprising bit about his character that fans didn't know.

Shockingly enough, the young star reveals that out of all the Loki variants that have been stuck in The Void, his version of the God of Mischief has stayed in there the longest. In fact, according to Veal, Kid Loki has been trapped in "the end of time" for thousands of years.

Speaking with ComicBookMovie, veal says: "Many people don't know this, but Kid Loki is the oldest one in The Void. He has pruned thousands of years before and just didn't age because of The Void being the end of time as said by Judge Renslayer. It is also the sheer fact that he killed Thor. As I said, no other Loki would dare try or even do that successfully. That not only makes him the Oldest but the most intimidating as well."

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Veal's revelation alone pretty much proves that The Void is just as intriguing as the Quantum Realm but the finale episode raises quite a number of questions about the mysterious MCU location and its authenticity. As for Kid Loki, it's safe to assume that with Marvel Studios' setting up the Young Avengers, he'll eventually survive The Void and somehow find his way to the "proper" timeline.

All episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+.