Loki BTS Video Reveals How Alligator Loki was Created

Let's face it, we're still not over how awesome Alligator Loki is and want to see more of the Crocodilian of Mischief. Luckily, we're getting exactly what we want in the new behind-the-scenes video from Loki which focuses on the visual effects used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. In addition to that, we get to see how Classic Loki conjured up a convincing Asgard just to distract Alioth!

Industrial Light & Magic shared the new Behind The Magic video showcasing the special effects they worked on for Loki. Some of the work involved unnoticeable additions like the grass that the Loki Variants walked on while looking for the true creator beyond the Void. However, the highlight is the confirmation that Alligator Loki was, in fact, not a real trained alligator wearing Loki horns.

It's awesome to see how ILM created an entire alligator just splashing around in a little tub and there is little doubt that this was one of the perks of the job for the VFX artists. Alligator Loki was lovingly made and they clearly spent several hours perfecting his reptilian awesomeness. The only disappointing thing about the video is that there isn't a lot of Alligator Loki in his tub.

We also love how ILM made real magic in the scene where Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki stepped up to save his fellow Variants. This scene alone must have taken days to complete but it was all worth it as we watched in awe as Asgard rose again in the Void.

It's great to revisit some of the best moments of Loki and it's also a little sad that Alligator Loki isn't real. Nevertheless, he is real enough in the hearts of Marvel fans who are still pushing for a spin-off show focusing on the gator and his fellow Variants.

Loki is still streaming on Disney+.

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