Loki Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw Talks About Upcoming Disney+ Series

There might not have been that much information about Marvel's live-action Loki series during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that government restrictions are easing up, all eyes are Marvel resuming production on the Disney+ project.

Waiting for work on Loki to resume, series actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw talks about what production is like in the series, admitting that she actually had a connection to Loki star Tom Hiddleston before being included in the cast for the show.

Speaking in an interview with Super Hero Hype, Mbatha-Raw opened up about the experience she had working on Loki.

"I can't confess to being a major MCU nerd," the actress told the entertainment news outlet, "Obviously, it's a big part of our culture, so I had a huge awareness of it and it's funny because I actually went to drama school at the same time as Tom Hiddleston. Ten years ago when I first came out here to do a TV pilot, Undercovers, he was shooting the first Thor at the same time. I remember him telling me about this experience of this new movie that he was doing."

Knowing that the two had met before, fans can assume that Mbatha-Raw and Hiddleston have a decent working relationship with one another.

Continuing her interview with the publication, the actress also praised the directorial skill of episode director Kate Herron. According to Mbatha-Raw, the filmmaker who had previously directed Sex Education for Netflix had refreshing sensibilities.

"She's so fresh and interesting," Mbatha-Raw added. "I feel like even though you're dealing with this big universe, she still makes it feel very intimate. She just brings it back down to character and moments and emotions."

We can't wait to see what Mbatha Raw brings to the table once Loki premieres on Disney+ next year.

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