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Logan Lerman Breaks Silence On Possible Return In Disney+'s Percy Jackson Series

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Among many upcoming projects being developed under Disney+, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series absolutely stands out. Ever since the reboot was announced, fans have been petitioning for former Percy Jackson actor Logan Lerman to return to the series, be it in a cameo role or as Percy's father, Poseidon.

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Logan Lerman Hypes Up Disney+'s Percy Jackson Reboot

Thankfully, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, while promoting his latest film, Bullet Train, Lerman expressed his enthusiasm over Disney+'s Percy Jackson series and addressed his possible return.

“I’m really excited and curious to see it. I think everything I’ve seen so far, just about casting and how they’re doing it, and that Rick is running it just makes me happy. It makes me happy for the fans, and excited for this new generation to watch it.”

Is Logan Lerman Returning in the Percy Jackson Series?

When asked about his possible cameo in the Disney+ reboot, he seemingly played it coy by saying:

"Sure, but I'm not."

Fans would absolutely rejoice if Lerman indeed returns to the reboot. Despite the first Percy Jackson franchise suffering from massive backlashes, there's no denying that fans had no issues with Lerman in the role of Percy. It also makes sense how fans are casting him for the Poseidon role, considering how much the actor has grown after stepping out from the role.

For now, Rick Riordan officially announced the next trio for Disney+'s Percy Jackson series. The Adam Project's Walker Scobell would play the titular character, Empire's Leah Sava Jeffries would play Annabeth Chase, and Disney+’s Cheaper by the Dozen's Aryan Simhadri would be playing Grover.

Rick Riordan is heavily-involved with the reboot. He intends to ensure that the series would accurately portray the books he penned, starting from the plot, powers, and even the casting. Sadly, Riordan recently dropped a worrying update about the reboot, saying that it might be delayed until early 2024 than the potential late 2023 release date.

Stay tuned for more updates about Disney+'s Percy Jackson series.

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