Little Monsters' Red-Band Trailer Shows How Much Gore You Really Should Expect

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Credit: Altitude Films

In contrast to the first trailer released for Abe Forsythe's Little Monsters, the red-band trailer reminds you of what's to come despite the comedic lines and cute little kids on a trip with their teacher.

If you're curious as to how far this movie goes in terms of gore, considering that there would be kids involved, the answer would be a lot.

As it is stated in the trailer, expect a lot of "flesh-eating zombies, disembowelment" and a whole lot of "gore."

Obviously, with all the hilarious and amusing remarks made by Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad), and the heroic attempts of Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o), the teacher and their chaperone Dave (Alexander England), we can't just deny this one fact.

These kids are literally amidst the zombie apocalypse, hiding in a shed in hopes that they wouldn't be bitten by the zombies. Under the hands of their teacher, who in this situation, would feel responsible for the children.

That said, it would surely be interesting to see a woman fight zombies to protect her students in a Sunday dress in broad daylight.

Although the movie wants to get a little laugh from the audience, this isn't the director's goal. The trailer reminds the audience of how disgusting it would really be. Highlighting just how gruesome and terrifying zombies are. Making it a point that this movie should scare you and make your stomach churn.

With that said, some reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes shows how this film is different from movies within the same genre. People might think that this movie is the same, the usual disgusting and scary zombies. But despite the theme, Little Monsters proves it is unique in its own way.

Meredith Borders from Bloody Disgusting says that "amid all the gore and the silliness", the characters "drive the story". She also added that they are the reason the movie will "stay with the audiences longer than the typical fun but forgettable zombie romp".

And although "zombies have been done to death," Jake Wilson from The Age says that the storyline shows "how far the trope can be taken for granted".

Little Monsters hits Hulu this October 8.

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