Listen to the Fantastic Soundtrack of Star Wars: Squadrons

Word has it that Star Wars: Squadrons is gearing up for a big reveal later this week, and to help hype us up, CosmicDreams on Youtube has uploaded the soundtrack from the Squadrons playtest.

This is the start of the playlist, and it includes a total of 17 tracks from composer Gordy Haab:

In light of no public Beta for Squadrons, i decided to upload the rest of the Cue 1 music!

Though Star Wars is probably best known for visuals and story, one more element that a lot of fans know is essential to the franchise is the music. Previous games like Battlefront and Fallen Order have been able to deliver some great tracks with their OSTs, and it looks like Squadrons will be able to do the same thing. Though we do hear some familiar motifs from movies, Haab brings his own twist to the sounds that gives the game a real exciting and familiar feel.

While a lot of fans consider Jedi to be the central figures of the Star Wars franchise, there are some fans like me who prefer the scrappy underdogs with their ships and blasters. Squadrons looks to be aimed directly at that fanbase, and it will be bringing players inside the cockpits of both Rebel and Imperial fighters. Whiher ships like the Millennium Falcon and the Slave I, I think it's great that we're getting a new set of characters who each have their own canon story to tell.

For now, fans wait for Star Wars: Squadrons to be available on Oct. 2. The new look at the game is expected to come out this Thursday.

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