Lin-Manuel Miranda will Rap in Mary Poppins Returns

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is probably best known for his work on the rap musical Hamilton, and he'll be playing Jack in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns. Though the movie is a period piece complete with songs reminiscent of the original, it's said that Miranda will be doing a little rap in the movie as well.

Talking to ScreenRant, producer Marc Platt confirmed:

"[Miranda is a] wonderful song and dance man, wonderful actor, which is what he's doing in this film. And he inhabits the role of Jack and creates a wholly original character, playing this leerie. And he gets to do all the things that you want to see Lin do. He gets to be charismatic. He gets to bring light into the world. He sings. He dances. And, believe it or not, 1934 music hall style he even gets to do a little rap. It's quite extraordinary."

Director Rob Marshall also reveals that Miranda is playing the spiritual successor of Dick Van Dyke's Bert from the original film, and that the rapping will be featured in the very start. Marshall explains, "At the beginning of the film he's rapping like he's a one-man band, which just felt so right for him."


It's interesting to note that Van Dyke himself is going to be in the film, but he won't be playing an older version of Bert. He's actually playing the role of Mr. Dawes Jr.; in the original movie, he was covered in make-up to play Dawes Sr.

No word yet if we're going to see the original Mary Poppins Julie Andrews make an appearance.

Catch Mary Poppins Returns in theaters Dec. 19.

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