Lex Luthor Actors Michael Rosenbaum and Jon Cryer Hang Out After Character's Successful Supergirl Debut

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Michael Rosenbaum appears to be the biggest fan of Jon Cryer's performance as Lex Luthor in Supergirl. The actor, who played the iconic Superman villain in Smallville, had nothing but kind words for his successor.

"Jonny boy! You killed it! And they say I had a good head. That's a perfect dome brother. Congrats Lex. Love, Lex," he tweeted out.

He also teased that the two Lex Luthors are hanging out in his Inside of You podcast where he promises that fans will discover "what happens when Lex Luthor sits down to talk with Lex Luthor."

This one comes as a welcome surprise for fans of the character for sure. You can catch the episode on iTunes by going here.


After all this time, Rosenbaum was always Lex Luthor to many, something that he has fully embraced. With such a tough act to follow, not to mention, the popularity of the character, Cryer went into the role with a lot of pressure.

Sure enough, when his casting for Supergirl was first announced, many fans were not sure if he was the right fit. After all, the age difference between him and Brenda Strong, who plays the role of Lex's mother Lillian on the show, was just five years. However, the Three and A Half Men alum proved everyone wrong in his debut in Supergirl last week.

Fans will see more of Cryer's Lex in upcoming episodes, which will reveal what he has been doing all this time. So far, he managed to trick his sister Lena to cure his cancer and get her assistant Eve Tessmacher make a heel turn.

Next week's episode will see him go toe to toe with Supergirl by using the Red Daughter, who has been in the backburner all season ever since she was introduced last year.

Supergirl airs every Sunday on The CW.

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