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Letitia Wright Breaks Silence On Shuri As The New Black Panther: ‘I’m Praying We Make Chad Proud’

We’ve heard Ryan Coogler and Nate Moore’s comments as to why Shuri is the ‘organic’ new Black Panther in the sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Recently, Shuri’s actress, Letitia Wright, breaks silence on Shuri being the new Black Panther. The actress shares she prayed to God and Chadwick Boseman in hopes she makes them proud.

Speaking with, Letitia Wright admits the difficulty in making the movie without Chadwick Boseman, noting the importance of having to inspire people while also moving the film forward. Although director Ryan Coogler gave her a glimpse of what the Black Panther sequel is about, the actress couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing that Boseman as T’Challa should’ve ‘passed the torch’ himself. Read Wright’s full quote below:

“When Ryan gave me that call, it was tough. He slowly, gently explained to me his intention of how we can honor Chad in this film and how we can honor what was created by us as a family. But I didn’t have my brother to pass the torch to me.”

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The actress continues her sentiment, discussing how she tried alternative ways to communicate with her friend: by asking for his permission through her prayers. Ultimately, what made her agree to go forward with the role was when she finally felt at peace in continuing the legacy, that it is through Shuri that she will be able to honor Chadwick Boseman.

“I had to process that and pray and ask him if it’s okay for me to do it. Once I felt at peace, that it was the right thing, I accepted. I said to Ryan I’ll do my best. I made a commitment. I was like, I’ll honor God and I’ll honor Chad with Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Then it was just a process of going through this and I’m praying that we make him proud.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently playing in theaters.

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